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Yes!  Here's where you can get your free selling tips.  

By actually actively studying the art of selling, you seriously increase your chances of being extremely successful. 

The photo to the right is me with a sales team from the largest independent accounting firm in Arkansas.  

You know the old saying: You can't be lucky all the time, but you can be smart every day.1

Want selling tips that really work?

If you model successful salespeople, you know that they are very specific about what they do during sales presentations, for example.

Powerful sellers don't just analyze their sales calls.  They play with word combinations and delivery details, such as the continuity between verbal and non-verbal cues and their number of words per minute (wpm).

I've given entire keynotes that cover nothing but the first fifteen seconds of a presentation.

This type of deep dive is quite valuable because it can get you real sales results.

I recorded a video to help get you started on the road to more revenue.  You'll get some very specific tips to make the most of your time in front of prospects.  I cover...

  • The beginning of your sales presentation, which includes how to:
    - Capture the prospect's attention instantly
    - Create interest and positive expectation
    - Involve the prospect in meaningful ways
  • The middle of your sales presentation, including how to:
    - Sell through conversation
    - Keep PowerPoint and Prezi from working against you
    - Use a special time management technique to “Protect the close”
  • The end of your sales presentation and how you can:
    - Create a selling process that is organic and natural
    - Complete the sale with no surprises—for you or the prospect
    - Close the decision maker and not the shopper

Give me your primary email address below and I'll send you the video.  Grab a pen when you watch because I’ll tell you exactly what to say and show you how to say it.  These selling tips work like crazy and you can start using them right away.

My gift to you

Lots of people helped me get where I am today and I want to pay it forward.

This video tutorial is completely free. There's no obligation and nothing to buy.

To watch the video, simply provide your first name and primary email address.

I’m glad we're connected.  Let me know what else I can do to help you and your sales team.

You deserve to be more successful!


Michael Angelo Caruso
Sales Coach and Keynote Speaker

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