Work Hacks 300+ Cool Ideas to SPEED Career Success (2nd Edition)



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Oh, you can work at a job for 30 years and you might get to eventually run the show.  But why wait that long?

Work Hacks: 300+ Cool Ideas to SPEED Career Success by Michael Angelo Caruso will help you advance more quickly by polishing your people skills in three main ways: communication, persuasion, and motivating others.

Work Hacks will also give you tons of great advice on everything from dealing with difficult people to time management to the psychology of leadership.

Content for this book comes from years of doing leadership and sales consulting for some terrific organizations, including Nissan, Bank of America, Discount Tire, and the Barbados Ministry of Tourism.

These ideas have personally helped Michael through the years and you’ll find them very useful, too!

Read the book from cover-to-cover or read the sections in whatever order you’d like.  Digest the section on Communication Hacks or check out the section on Persuasion Hacks first.

The topics are arranged in “printer’s spreads” so you can photocopy the left and right page to share at team meetings.


Tips, hacks, and strategies on over 70 topics

Here’s an excerpt from the Work Hacks Table of Contents.  See if any of these topics might be useful for you and your work team.

communication work hacks book Michael Angelo Caruso
See book for the complete listing














Practical ideas to speed career success, make work easier

Here’s an excerpt of the section titled, Dealing With Critics:

work hacks critics excerpt michael angelo caruso book
See book for the complete chapter


Here’s what people are saying about Work Hacks

“I like Work Hacks.  Michael always has great content.”
-Brian Kischnick, City Manager, Troy, Michigan


Don’t be left behind

work hacks book michael angelo caruso Get the information you need to get ahead!

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