Teaching Remarkable Customer Service (FLA2-3) AUDIO CD


Remarkable customer service is the fastest way to improve your bottom line.  This audio program has tons of tips!

One hour audio program from author and speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso.




(Last Updated On: September 30, 2017)

Remarkable customer service is the easiest and most low-cost revenue stream available.

Yet, most companies never develop this important aspect of their business.

Remarkable service is about engaging customers in a memorable, personal way.

Providing such service doesn’t have to be expensive.

In fact, some of the most effective customer service techniques are low-cost or even free.

A strong and consistent service program is an excellent way to maintain a customer base and gain new customers.  Plus, providing remarkable service is just the right thing to do.

This 60-minute audio has great tips on teaching remarkable customer service, including how to:

–  Establish positive expectation, even with “reluctant” customers
–  Use the “Reward/Consequence Proposal”
–  Use powerful “active listening” techniques

–  Develop a Unique Selling Point
–  Turn complaints into positive conversation with two words
–  Adopt customer service ideas from the retail sector

–  Create irresistible value propositions for customers
–  Use time-honored customer service ideas from the restaurant industry
–  Get the best service ideas from professional sellers

–  Learn and remember your customer’s favorite word
–  Learn how Michael created his own “Wow” experience at the Oscars
–  Pick up customer service techniques to use on the phone

–  Deliver bad news to a customer
–  Develop strategies for dealing with angry customers
–  And more!

Customer service, a fast track to revenue

Michael Angelo Caruso customer serviceEvery company in the world offers some form of customer service.

Yet many offer service that’s remarkable in bad ways.

Bad news travels fast these days, so it’s time to sharpen your game.

When customers have a positive customer service experience, they’ll talk about it both online and offline, which creates loyalty and referral business for your company.

Remember, it’s easier to re-sell an existing and happy customer than it is to convince a new prospect to buy.  If you’re a leader, the ability to teach remarkable customer service skills to your team is critical to your success.

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