Stress Busters for Busy People (FLA1-3) AUDIO


Avoid stress using the dozens of tips and strategies in this audio CD from author and speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso.

One hour, audio program.


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(Last Updated On: July 31, 2018)

stress michael angelo caruso self-helpIt’s not normal to live with chronic problems.

Living with day-to-day stress only seems natural because many of us have convinced ourselves that it is.

Stress, while no doubt real and sometimes even beneficial, is really about attitude.  If you think you have it, you have it.  In other words, stress can be a choice.

Denial of chronic challenges isn’t healthy, but there are many ways to “refuse delivery” on day-to-day stress.

You’ll learn to:

–  Better understand the causes of stress
–  Appreciate why some problems are good for you
–  Use 5 cool ideas for reducing irritability and fatigue
–  Say “so long” to negative people

–  Enjoy Mondays
–  Stop stress deliveries
–  Employ 9 great techniques for stress reduction
–  Tap into recommended resources

–  Be optimistic all the time
–  Use “autosuggestion” to remove stress triggers
–  Keep a journal to mitigate stress
–  Recommended resources for stress reduction
–  Discover which smells will help you relax

Stress is a choice

Michael Angelo Caruso radio interview stress tipsCoping with stressful people and situations is often simply a matter of changing some old habits.

Behavioral psychologists tell us that it can take around 21 days to make or break a habit.

You may also have to give something up in order to benefit in more substantial ways.

If you’re really interested in self-improvement, get the best value by ordering the FastLearner Audio 1 series, which includes this CD, plus three other topics for personal development (time management, dealing with difficult people, and success habits).


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