Selling More, Better, Faster (FLA3-3)


The “Selling More, Better, Faster” audio program from Michael Angelo Caruso will help you increase sales in no time.
This 60-minute audio program will help you sell more efficiently by shortening the selling cycle and improving your selling skill set.




A shorter sales cycle allows sellers to close deals more quickly

Veteran sales consultant, Michael Angelo Caruso, teaches how to sell “more, better, faster” in this terrific audio program.

Michael says, “If you act like a salesperson, people will treat you like one.”

This mind-opening, one-hour audio program has tons of great selling ideas, including:

–  5 Cool Ideas for qualifying the prospect
–  How to distinguish your company from the competition at trade shows

–  A secret for building trust that nobody makes time for
–  How to handle the “nibbler”

–  How to deal with “the flinch”
–  Creative ways to double your referrals

–  Networking secrets from the very best sources
–  How to read customers and prospects with NLP

–  3 great ways to deal with price objections
–  Why consultative sales people almost always sell more

–  How to increase your sales by 10% by asking one question
–  How to sell more on the internet

–  4 new sales closes you must have in your repertoire
–  Why you shouldn’t read books on how to sell


Direct selling often doesn’t work

selling more better faster CD michael angelo caruso trainingMost buyers have an adversarial relationship with customers.

People don’t like to be “sold” anymore.  The “Do Not Call Registry” has made telephone selling illegal. Many cities and counties have now adopted a “Do Not Knock” law.

Heck, many salespeople don’t like to sell! Michael often hears new clients say, “I’m not trying to sell you something,” when he’s out on sales calls with them.

You can get past all this drama by not acting like a salesperson.

When you act as an advocate, it’s less likely that people will treat you as an adversary.

All of Michael’s info products are guaranteed.  You will directly benefit from this program or your money back.

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