Present Like a Pro DVD


Present Like a Pro DVD, speaking tips from author and keynote speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso.  Recorded live at Walsh College in Troy, Michigan.


(Last Updated On: July 31, 2018)

Lead, inspire, and sell to any audience!

present like a pro dvd Michael Angelo Caruso Whether you’re a business leader trying to motivate your team or a salesperson trying to improve your numbers, you’ll learn lots of great presentation techniques from watching this fun Present Like a Pro DVD.

Use the tips to instantly improve your interviews, presentations, and speeches. Almost every idea presented in this video can be applied in both group and one-on-one settings.

Become even more persuasive so you can be a better leader or salesperson.  The ability to present with clarity and enthusiasm may be the single most coveted business skill.

Watch this fun DVD and learn to:

  • Avoid nervousness so you can relax and be yourself
  • Win over almost any audience within seconds
  • Get the audience to do 3 important things in the first 6 minutes
  • Read the crowd faster and more effectively
  • Use non-verbal cues to be even more persuasive
  • Use PowerPoint and Prezi in unique and effective ways
  • Sharpen your call to action–the main reason you’re presenting!
  • Become more persuasive using Michael’s special “power phrases”
  • Master your presentation with confidence and flair
  • Create original content that makes you irreplaceable on your work team
  • Increase revenue from whatever you’re selling
  • And much more!

Present like a pro during your next presentation!

This video was captured live!  Watch as Michael presents to a standing-room-only audience at Walsh College in Troy, Michigan.

Michael uses many of his famous speaking techniques in this video so you can learn by seeing the demo in real-time.

Watch for his famous onstage interview segment, storytelling, speaking without notes, handling Q&A, and all without the use of PowerPoint.  Presenting without the usual tired audio-visual aids can make your message unique and distinct.

Bonus lesson: Learn to differentiate yourself from other speakers–present your message using a single PowerPoint slide.

This program is entertaining from start to finish, but you and members of your team can benefit from watching it in sections. Michael’s clients report success by viewing particular sections of this DVD just prior to giving their presentations.

In Present Like a Pro, Michael covers how to:

  • Give remarkable presentations that compel others to action
  • Motivate audiences in two specific ways
  • Use cool time-tested and road-tested speaker tricks
  • Prepare your speech in advance and sleep well the night before
  • Open your presentation with flair
  • Persuade audiences with ease
  • Keep everyone’s attention
  • Appear professional even if you speak once a year
  • Incorporate presentation tips that work almost every time
  • Project your voice with confidence
  • Use body language that matches what you say
  • Avoid the number one mistake regarding your snappy audio-visuals
  • Tell memorable signature stories
  • Sharpen your message so that it’s simple and easy to understand
  • Convince more prospects to do business with you
  • Be the best-liked, most effective speaker on any panel

Be even more persuasive and effective

There are real advantages to watching a video on how to present.

A “how-to book” on speaking cannot show you how long to pause when speaking or how to use non-verbal signals to supplement your verbal message.

Audio programs do not aptly demonstrate speaker movement or body language, so a DVD is the perfect learning tool.

Michael Angelo Caruso has delivered over 2,000 paid presentations and keynote speeches. This 108-minute video is packed with useful tips that will help you improve your presentations practically overnight.

Read a sample of Michael’s high-quality content here.

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