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business michael angelo caruso blog The transition from serving the boss to being the boss is not easy.

Starting a business is not for everyone, but it can be the most rewarding experience of your professional career.

The process starts with identifying what you’re good at and then discovering how to generate revenue from that activity.

Owning your own business may be the American dream, but running your own show is a lot more than unlocking the door and turning on the ice machine.

You’ll get away with making a few mistakes, but there are hundreds of things you’ll need to get right.

Timing is important and you need to have  the right people on your team.

You’ll learn how to:

–  Get started getting started
–  Conquer entrepreneurial fear
–  Avoid bankruptcy; the number one reason new businesses fail

–  Ask 9 key questions to before starting a business
–  Gracefully exit your current job
–  Brand your new business

–  Choose a good business partner
–  Find a good company name
–  know whether to hire employees or independent contractors

–  Discover what business you’ll succeed in
–  Time your transition 
–  Make key choices such as corporation, LLC, partnership, etc.

–  Cope with  the critical first 100 days of your new business
–  Conceive a 5-year plan
–  Find the best websites and books to consult for more info

–  Locate your support team and where to find them
–  Identify your best asset (it’s not what you think it is)
–  Gain a competitive edge

–  Achieve life balance
–  And much more!

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The first 100 days means business

business michael angelo caruso blog Back when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was President, politicos started monitoring what is now called “the first 100 days” of the Presidency. The idea is that you can tell how that Presidential term is going to turn out based on what happens during the first one hundred days the President is on the job.

The first 100 days of a business is key, as well, because that’s when your business begins generating cash, establishes repeat business and develops internal systems.

Hit the ground running with the great advice found in this audio program with Michael Angelo Caruso!

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Michael Angelo Caruso has consulting clients all over North America, including  Summa Care in Ohio, Riverview Center in Iowa and hundreds of speaker/authors around the world.


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