Meetings That Motivate and Inspire (FLA2-1) AUDIO CD


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(Last Updated On: September 30, 2017)

Most meetings aren’t run very well, but we keep doing them anyway.

Meetings may generate ideas and help people communicate, but they can also be boring, inefficient, and expensive.

In some cases, meetings are unnecessary.

This 60-minute audio CD contains many great ideas on how to improve your next meeting, including:

•    Why most meetings don’t work but you keep doing them anyway
•    How to have continuity between meetings
•    Why you must have short meetings
•    The magic phrase to keep people on task

•    How to solicit volunteers during meetings with comfort and ease
•    How to find the power seat in any room
•    Why you should never, ever begin a meeting late
•    A technique guaranteed to keep meetings short and sweet

•    How to keep folks from using the mute button during conference calls
•    Three great ways to keep meeting attendees awake
•    How to use silence as a secret weapon
•    Why you must print and distribute an agenda before the meeting

•    3 ways to keep people from taking you off the agenda
•    Recommended learning resources for motivational meetings
•    Michael’s special five-column formula for meeting success

Meetings don’t have to be boring or unproductive

Michael Angelo Caruso meeting Jamaica conference speakerWe’ve always had meetings.

Some of them have turned out pretty well.  Queen Isabella met with Christopher Columbus to plan a trip.

George Washington met with the First Continental Congress to plan a country.

Martin Luther King met with anyone who would listen about equal rights and the end of racial discrimination.  Manager Brian Epstein met with the Beatles and changed popular music.

But, why do we have to have so many meetings?  Can we find ways to make them shorter and more interesting?  Can we can arrange more continuity between meetings to make them more efficient?

Why can’t meeting leaders stay on message?   Why can’t meeting leaders stay on schedule?  The answers to these questions and more are found within this great program.

Your “meeting” with Michael will be very worthwhile!

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