Leadership: Getting People To Do Stuff (FLA2-2) AUDIO CD


“Getting People To Do Stuff” is chock full of great leadership ideas from guru, Michael Angelo Caruso.  60 minute audio program.

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(Last Updated On: November 2, 2017)

Effective leaders are people who are good at getting others to follow.

One of the most important keys to “getting people to do stuff” is to teach people how to solve their own problems.

Some people refer to this process as “teaching others to fish” and it’s the single most important aspect of leadership.

This one-hour audio program contains fantastic ideas for leaders, including:

–  Two leadership techniques that motivate people every time
–  Why money does not motivate most people
–  Why you should never start a meeting late

–  How to deal with negativity
–  5 Cool Ideas on how to instantly improve your presentation skills
–  A simple technique for confidence that few people practice

–  How to read people using NLP
–  The fastest way to show interest in someone
–  A fun way to improve your vocabulary spending no time or money

–  How to find the Power Seat in any room
–  How to be less of a boss and more of a coach
–  How to never be the bad guy again

–  The “Reward/Consequence” proposal and why it works so well
–  Why the “LB/NT” technique is the best way to offer criticism
–  How to motivate the four most common personality styles

–  The 15 most powerful words you can use with your team

And much more!

Leadership should not solve all problems

Michael Angelo Caruso
Michael Angelo Caruso

Do you think it’s leadership’s job to solve other people’s problems?  If so, what happens when the leader establishes a reputation for this?

When you are too good at solving problems for your team members, they will stop trying to solve their own problems and eventually bring all their problems to you.

Use this audio program to teach your work team to solve their own problems, whenever possible.

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