How to Give Killer Presentations (FLA2-4) AUDIO CD


This one-hour audio “How to Give Killer Presentations” program is packed with tips so you can be even more persuasive during your next presentation.

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(Last Updated On: September 30, 2017)

We can all be better speakers

Michael Angelo Caruso motivational keynote speaker giving a killer presentation.
Michael Angelo Caruso speaking in Jamaica

Who benefits from better presentations?

Managers, salespeople, supervisors, professional speakers, parents, teachers–anyone who has to give a speech.

Of course, audiences benefit from better presentations, too!

In fact, if an audience doesn’t take action after a presentation, the speaker probably didn’t do a very good job.  All of us would do well to sharpen our presentations skills, don’t you agree?


This CD will help you improve almost overnight

Here’s what you’ll learn from this 60-minute audio program.  Don’t make too many changes at once, but you can put at least a few of these tips to work in your very next presentation:

  • Two techniques that motivate audiences every time
  • Why money does not motivate most people
  • The secret technique you must know when people start to nod off
  • How to deal with the 4 most challenging people in your audience
  • Clever ways to deal with an unresponsive audience
  • A fun way to guarantee feedback after you speak
  • 5 Cool Ideas on how to instantly improve your presentations
  • A simple technique for confidence that few people practice
  • How to read audiences better when you are presenting
  • The fastest way to turn an audience off
  • Michael’s favorite learning resources on speaking
  • A fun way to improve your vocabulary spending no time or money
  • How to find the Power Seat in any room
  • The best places to get more training
  • Secrets for getting audience interaction
  • Use speaking to become a recognized expert
  • Conquer nervousness once and for all
  • Six things you should do in the first five minutes of your talk
  • The best tips for staging the all important “call to action”
  • Six things you should do in the last five minutes of your talk
  • The 15 most powerful words you can put in your speech
  • And much more!


It’s all in the presentation

Michael Angelo Caruso speaking tipsThis audio program includes many of Michael Angelo Caruso’s best presentation tips. Share it with your whole team!

There’s a saying in the restaurant industry– “It’s all in the presentation.” In other words, how the food is presented to the diner is almost as important as how the meal tastes.

Actually, the “presentation” is critical in any industry. Almost everything we do is a form of presenting. Phone calls, meetings, dinner engagements, and how we dress are all presentations.


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