How to Create & Sell Info Products (FLA4-1) AUDIO CD


Everyone has a book in them.  People will pay money for your info if it is packaged and marketed in an interesting way.

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Michael Angelo Caruso create and sell info productsEveryone has a “how-to” book in them.

Your lifetime of experience and acquired skill sets should probably be required reading for the next generation, yes?

That book is easier to create than you think.

Maybe the information is better conveyed as a DVD.  Or a podcast.

The point is that you can use the profits to pay the bills, shore up your beleaguered 401K, buy a car or just have some fun. Once you have a product, all you need is a simple distribution system to sell it and collect the cash.

You’ll learn to:

–  Become a self-published author in less than 90 days
–  Use information products to become more employable
–  Build a distribution list so you’ll always have customers

–  Write an e-book to make your print book an even bigger success
–  Leverage Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to grow your biz
–  Self-publish your information products and earn more profit

–  Write Web copy that sells
–  Re-purpose content so you can get paid over and over
–  Create multiple information products, even if you write fiction or poetry

–  Convert your new found “expert” status into even more opportunities
–  Use video to promote your work

– And much more!


People will pay for what you create

Michael Angelo Caruso info productsEveryone has something called “intellectual property” and that IP is worth something to others.

People will pay money for your IP if you have a way to package and distribute it.

Michael Angelo Caruso, author of over 75 information products, will help you create print books, electronic books, audio programs, and DVDs  that help people and generate cash.

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