How to Become a Speaker/Author (FLA4-4) AUDIO CD





It  can be very helpful for someone to show you the way in life.

Budding speakers and authors will certainly benefit from Michael Angelo Caruso’s perspective as an successful speaker and author.

Michael shows how you can use your past to springboard into the future as a successful speaker and/or author.

You’ll learn to:

–  Make your past work for you
–  Become a noted speaker and author just like Michael

–  “Fail as fast as you can”
–  Market yourself as a speaker, writer and consultant

–  Model a day in the life of a professional speaker
–  Use the first hour of consciousness to set the tone for the day

–  Develop good work habits
–  Survive and even thrive on the road

–  Benefit from computer tricks that save time
–  Use the telephone more effectively

–  Become an accomplished speaker/author in half the time
–  And much, much more!


Being a professional speaker isn’t for everyone.  Heck, being self-employed isn’t for everyone.  Learn more about the benefits of being a self-employed author/speaker in this fast-paced program.

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