Gain One Hour a Day – Time Management That Pays (FLA1-2) AUDIO CD


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(Last Updated On: September 30, 2017)

Time is your greatest resource.  You get the same amount as everyone else.

But some people use time more wisely.  The concept of gaining one hour a day comes from better time management.

For example, one can have more time by prioritizing and saying “no” more often.

You’ll learn to:

–  Avoid the single biggest time waster of all
–  Stop wishing for “more time
–  Insist on having a “not to do” list
–  Make more of the most underutilized hour of the day

–  Have a daily Power Hour
–  Squeeze more value from your precious weekends
–  Reduce stress
–  Be a better role model for others who need time management

–  Start and end everything on time, including meetings
–  Delegate and be cool with it
–  Never to waste time in line or in traffic

–  Make time for exercise and relaxation
–  How to read 30 books a year
–  Use the two things that motivate most people
–  Get to work early, even if you’re not paid for it

–  Handle information overload
–  Never lose things
–  Go right to sleep at night
–  Awaken refreshed in the morning

Want more time management tools?

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This info product comes with four one-hour CDs– How to Gain One Hour a Day, Stress Busters For Busy People, Creating Success Habits, and Dealing With Difficult People.

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