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(Last Updated On: November 21, 2017)

Michael Angelo Caruso blog motivational speakerIt’s time to fast-track your career and become a better leader for the rest of your life.  Tweet This

Michael Angelo Caruso has done it again with this popular leadership program.

The topics include how to sharpen presentations, how to improve meetings, how to teach customer service to your team, and perhaps the most important leadership skill of all–how to get people to do stuff.

Fast Learner Audio 2 has four, 60-minute audio programs loaded with terrific leadership strategies and tips.

There are two types of people: those who are leaders and those who are about to become leaders.

Disc 1 of 4–Meetings That Motivate & Inspire

  • Why most meetings don’t work but you keep doing them anyway
  • How to have continuity between meetings
  • Why you must have short meetings
  • The magic phrase to keep people on task
  • How to solicit volunteers during meetings with comfort and ease
  • How to find the power seat in any room
  • Why you should never, ever begin a meeting late
  • A cool trick guaranteed to keep meetings short and sweet
  • Keep attendees from disengaging teleconference calls
  • Three great ways to keep meeting attendees awake
  • How to use silence as a secret weapon
  • Why you create an agenda and distribute it before the meeting
  • 3 ways to keep people from taking you off the agenda
  • Recommended learning resources for motivational meetings
  • Michael’s special five-column formula for meeting agendas that work
  • And much more!

Disc 2 of 4–Getting People to Do Stuff

  • Two techniques that motivate people every time
  • Why money does not motivate most people
  • The secret you must know when interviewing a job applicant
  • How to deal with the 4 most challenging personalities in the office
  • Cool Ideas for dealing with negativity
  • A fun way to guarantee feedback from your team
  • 5 Cool Ideas on how to instantly improve your presentation skills
  • A simple technique for confidence that few people practice
  • How to read better people
  • The fastest and best way to show interest in someone
  • The best learning tools on the subject
  • A fun way to improve your vocabulary spending no time or money
  • How to find the Power Seat in any room
  • The best places to get more training
  • How to give deep compliments instead of shallow compliments
  • 5 Cool Ideas on how to be a better role model
  • How to be less of a boss and more of a coach
  • The “Reward/Consequence” proposal and why it works so well
  • Why the “LB/NT” technique is the best way to offer criticism
  • How to motivate the four most common personality styles
  • The 15 most powerful words you can ever use with another person
  • How to find out which mode of learning is best for your people
  • And much more!

Disc 3 of 4–Teaching Remarkable Customer Service

  • How to establish positive expectation even with “reluctant” customers
  • Learn to use the “Reward/Consequence Proposal”
  • Tips for active listening
  • How to develop a Unique Selling Point
  • Borrow ideas from outside your industry
  • Specific customer service ideas for the retail sector
  • Create irresistible value propositions for customers
  • Specific customer service ideas from the restaurant industry
  • Cool service ideas from professional salespeople
  • 5 cool ways to learn and remember your customer’s favorite word
  • Disney’s 7 customer service secrets
  • How Michael created a “Wow” experience at the Academy Awards
  • Special customer service techniques you can use on the phone
  • How to deliver bad news to a customer
  • Strategies for dealing with angry customers
  • And much more!

Disc 4 of 4–How to Give Killer Presentations

  • Avoid notes by using Michael’s “The Power of 3″ preparation technique
  • 6 things you must do in the first 5 minutes of your presentation
  • How to avoid the single biggest mistake that most presenters make
  • Why you should work the room before and after your talk
  • Three things you must do in the last 5 minutes of your presentation
  • Why you must have Q and A, especially if you’re unprepared
  • How to handle questions you can’t answer
  • How to get “reluctant attendees” to get with the program
  • Why PowerPoint is killing your presentations and ruining your reputation
  • Learn why “the hug” is so persuasive with audience members
  • 5 cool ideas on how not to be nervous
  • A secret tip for seeming polished and self-assured
  • Why you should always include a call to action
  • 3 PowerPoint tips you must use, if you insist on using this PPT
  • Michael’s best speaking tips (he’s give over 2,000 paid presentations!)
  • A very effective trick for commanding the room early in your talk
  • And much more!

Be all you can be!

Michael Angelo Caruso leadership training

This audio program is designed for managers, supervisors, directors, company Presidents, and C-level executives (CEO, CFO, CIO, etc.).

Michael will help you run better meetings, be a better leader, improve your presentations, and teach others how to provide remarkable customer service.  Perhaps best of all, you will be an even better role model for future leaders in your organization.

Order FastLearner Audio 2 for Leaders today and share this great content with everyone on your team!

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