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(Last Updated On: November 21, 2017)

Self-improvement is an individual responsibility.  It’s not fair to blame your boss or spouse when you don’t evolve as a person.

Everyone can be more successful with better time management, strategies for dealing with difficult people and improved stress reduction techniques.

Michael has packaged his four most popular self-improvement programs at a special price.

Each of these four 60-minute audio programs is packed with practical tips for becoming a better person.  Here’s what you get:

Disc 1 of 4–Creating Success Habits

–  Convert thinking into doing
–  Manage e-mail overload
–  Say “no” more often and mean it
–  Say “yes” more often and mean it
–  Be more successful in business and in person

–  How to break old habits
–  Learn “self-coaching”
–  Become more aware of your life
–  Discover the powerful concept of “habit migration”
–  How to be more healthy

–  Decrease stress
–  Have more money
–  Build your vocabulary
–  How to lose weight
–  How to remember names

–  Be happier
–  Find more time to exercise
–  Read up to 30 books a year
–  How to quit smoking
–  Make time wasters to get to the point

Disc 2 of 4–Gain One Hour a Day

–  Why you will never have more time
–  The value of having a “not to do” list
–  Add value to the most underutilized hour of the day
–  How to have a Power Hour
–  How to better manage weekends

–  How to have less stress
–  How to be a better role model
–  Why you should never start a meeting late
–  The secret of delegation
–  How never to lose time in a line or in traffic

–  How to make time for exercise and relaxation
–  Michael’s great tip for reading more
–  The two things that motivate people, including you
–  Why you should get to work early, paid for it or not

–  The best way to handle information overload
–  How not to lose things
–  How to go right to sleep at night
–  How to immediately awaken refreshed in the morning

Disc 3 of 4–Stress Busters for Busy People

–  Better understand the causes of stress
–  Why some stress is good for you
–  5 cool ideas for reducing stress
–  Say “so long” to negative people

–  Enjoy Mondays
–  How to stop stress deliveries
–  Learn 9 great techniques for stress reduction
–  Tap into recommended resources

–  How to be optimistic almost all the time
–  Learn to use “autosuggestion” to remove stress triggers
–  Keep a journal to mitigate stress
–  Recommended resources for stress reduction
–  Discover which smells  help you relax

Disc 4 of 4–Dealing With Difficult People

–  Learn why some people can easily push your buttons
–  Discover confrontation techniques that are good for you
–  Sharpen strategies for outsmarting the Owl (Know-It-All)
–  Techniques for dealing with the Possum (Fake Know-It-All)

–  What to say to effectively hush the Hyena (Gossip)
–  How to diffuse the Tazmanian Devil (Time Bomb)
–  5 Cool Ideas for dealing with entitlement-based employees
–  Why communication reduces stress from difficult people

–  Discover coping strategies for over ten difficult personality styles
–  Why the best form of conflict resolution is also the hardest
–  Three great ways to really get to know someone
–  Stop the “charging bull” from stampeding you

–  How to out-fox a fox
–  Why you should never say “calm down” to an excited customer
–  How to stop the “puppy dog” personality from ruining your image
–  The magic phrase that gets a lazy person to perform
–  Why you should stop trying to change negative people

Michael’s Personal Guarantee

Michael Angelo Caruso personal development coach

Michael is known for packing his quality information products with tons of content.

As with all his products and services, you’re protected by an unconditional, money-back guarantee, should you be unhappy with your purchase for any reason.


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