Dealing With Difficult People (FLA1-4) AUDIO CD


This “Dealing With Difficult People” audio CD with Michael Angelo Caruso offers tons of tips for coping with challenging personalities.  One hour.

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(Last Updated On: September 30, 2017)

Do you ever struggle when dealing with difficult people?

Communication consultant and world-renowned speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso can help.

He’s identified a dozen or so personality styles that negatively impact our lives at work and at home.

Michael teaches how to properly identify difficult personality styles and how to best cope with them.  Michael’s ideas will save you time, prevent stress and in some cases, even save you money.

You’ll learn to:

–  Stay calm when things heat up
–  Accept that confrontation is good for you
–  Outsmart the Owl (Know-It-All)
–  Deal with the Possum (Fake Know-It-All)

–  Hush the Hyena (Gossip)
–  Diffuse the Tazmanian Devil (Time Bomb)
–  Tame entitlement-based employees
–  Reduce stress from difficult people

–  Learn coping strategies for the 10 most common people styles
–  Employ effective conflict resolution techniques
–  Get to know and actually admire your difficult person
–  Stop the “charging bull” from stampeding you

–  Out fox the fox
–  Never say “calm down” to an excited customer
–  Stop the “puppy dog” personality from ruining your image
–  Master the magic phrase that gets lazy people to work
–  Stop trying to change negative people

We are all difficult people

Michael Angelo CarusoPersonality style is not the best predictor of success.

If you want to be successful with difficult personalities, don’t try to change them.

Instead, learn to adapt.   Use the techniques provided in this useful program to adjust to difficult people.

It’s much easier to change your response than it is to change another person.

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