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Activate! Leading & Selling With Influence is a leadership event January 25-27 at the fabulous Saddlebrook Resort in sunny Tampa, Florida.

Attendees will learn how to fast-track success using improved communication strategies for motivating groups and individuals.

Register your first attendee for only $975 until November 30 with coupon code: ACTIVATE!

After November 30, register your first attendee for $1,275.

Register additional people such as team members, business partners or your spouse for only $600 per person.  For more info, contact Rene in Michael's office at 248-972-8126.


activate influence retreat Michael Angelo CarusoYou’re invited to a special event called, Activate! Leading & Selling With Influence, January 25-26 at the fabulous Saddlebrook Resort in sunny Tampa, Florida.

Hi!  I’m Michael Angelo Caruso and I help business leaders and salespeople be more effective.

I’m hosting this unique retreat and you’re going to love it!

This is a rare opportunity for you to learn about and activate the one business skill that makes everything easier—your ability to leverage influence.

When you have influence, you save time, ooze confidence and help everyone on your team become more effective.  But where does one learn the art of influence?

All of us have attended programs that are dry, unfocused and generally disappointing.

That’s why I created an event that treats you like a VIP and gives fantastic value in the way of world-class content, a fabulous venue and lots of laughs.

Activate! is perfect for leaders, salespeople and entrepreneurs—anyone who needs to motivate groups of people.  Expect high-level, customized instruction on how to improve your verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Leaders, you’ll improve a skill that will make your career take off—how to motivate the people.

If you’re in sales, this training is virtually guaranteed to take your numbers to the next level.

Entrepreneurs, you need massive amounts of influence when it’s time to launch products, attract new business and negotiate deals.

If you want an event where real learning happens and lives are changed, this retreat is for you.  Register now by clicking the orange “Add to Cart” above.


Everything is easier with influence

influence art graphic activateLeaders and salespeople are responsible for motivating team members to take action.

Getting people to do stuff is very difficult when you lack influence.  Simple tasks require three meetings instead of one.  You often need to involve your boss.  It takes more effort to be convincing and projects take months instead of weeks.

If you need a lot of time and resources to get things done, people notice.  Promotions and bonuses don’t happen as quickly and your opportunity pipeline becomes clogged.

If you’re in sales, your closing ratio suffers and your other numbers go down.

When you lack influence, people lose their confidence in you and self-doubt creeps in.

You’re practically guaranteed more success when you improve in three areas:

  • Discover what’s holding you back
  • Become a better communicator
  • Master key persuasion techniques

If you’re near the top of your company’s organization chart, you’re probably good at many things.  But it’s time to take your game to another level.  It’s time to activate your influence.

Our retreat agenda is loaded with strategies and tips to help you improve in all these important areas.  You’ll get a double-dip from this retreat because you can apply influence in your personal life, as well.

I promise that there’ll be no lectures, silly role-playing or corny group activities.

You’re going to feel much more empowered and in control, once we activate the power of influence.


Here’s what we’ll cover

activate influence Michael Angelo CarusoBring your laptop to the sessions so you can create a word-searchable document for future reference.

Most of our instruction will occur in conversation-based scenarios rather than a talking-head lecture format.

After only two days, you’ll be equipped with the insight and skills to step into any situation to motivate and radically improve your relationships.  This is what happens when you activate your influence!

We’re going to cover tons of content regarding the power of influence, including how to:

  • Discover your “backhand”
  • Motivate team members
  • Influence up the org chart
  • Overcome insecurities
  • Present choices where everyone wins
  • Read people better and faster, particularly in the first fifteen seconds
  • Sharpen your presentation skills
  • Adopt ideas from influence experts such as Thaler, Pink, Cialdini, Kahneman and Gladwell
  • Establish authority using two special types of signals
  • Become more articulate
  • Practice these new techniques at the retreat
  • Receive expert feedback on-site in Tampa
  • Cope with challenging personalities
  • Polish your self-concept both internally and externally
  • Burnish your image marketing skills
  • Employ persuasion strategies such as confirmation bias, pattern strategy and decoy pricing
  • Work around what behavioral psychologists call “old scripts”
  • Improve your closing ratio, if you’re in sales
  • Get buy-in easier and faster (at work and at home)
  • Do two things that make you a recognized expert
  • Go back to work and teach others how to develop influence
  • And more!


Here’s how I roll

If you’re already familiar with my work, thanks for your continued interest.

Perhaps you’ve attended one of my live events or been on a webinar.  Maybe you’ve purchased one of my information products or our paths have crossed on social media.  You might have seen my videos on YouTube.

If so, you know that my content is both road-tested and time-tested.  I’ve delivered over 2,000 paid presentations on leadership, sales, branding, and marketing.

I’ve done consulting work for a wide variety of businesses, helping leaders and salespeople be more influential and more productive.  My clients include companies such as Nissan, Verizon Wireless, Rayovac and Bank of America.  I’ve been a commissioned salesperson my entire life, so I’ve been mastering the art of influence for decades.

Through the years, I’ve produced over 50 information products including books, audio programs, DVDs and webinars.  Much of this material has been reprinted and republished in newsletters, blogs, on corporate websites and in print publications such as the award-winning, DBusiness magazine.

Everything I do is communication-based—and so is everything you do.

I take my work seriously, but I also like to have fun.  We’ll be doing both at this retreat.


Special guest speaker, Bob Thompson

activate influence bob thompson Bob Thompson makes his primary living as a professional commercial photographer, serving such clients as Raymond James, Florida Hospital and Bank of America.

If you saw him performing or presenting on stage, you’d never guess he did anything else. Bob grew up in California as a child prodigy on the accordion until puberty arrived, when he traded his accordion for an acoustic guitar, a move he cites as “a great choice on many levels.”

He’s been entertaining audiences ever since with humor, music, and now photography while on stage. Bob recently completed a six-month stand-up comedy class which added greatly to his stage arsenal. He now performs as a speaker who will touch your heart, make you laugh, and then deliver a passionate song.

Adding professional emcee to his offerings, he recently created Thompson Event Partners, integrating MC and performing talents with photography. Bob emceed the 2017 conference for the Florida Society of Association Executives and has already been asked back for 2018.

Bob served in the US Air Force from 1983-1991 as a Cryptologic German Linguist, where he met his wife Anandi, who served as a Russian Linguist. They married in Basel, Switzerland over 28 years ago and made Tampa their home in 1993.

Bob and Anandi have a 24 year-old special needs son, Buddy, who attends University of North Florida in Jacksonville. Bob enjoys trail biking, traveling, hiking while enjoying nature and spending time with his family and friends.

You’re going to love Bob’s easy presentation style and learn how to use his brand of influence in your life.


Things you should know about the venue

activate influence retreat Michael Angelo CarusoFlorida is beautiful in January
Arrive early and stay late so you can visit with clients or just get some much needed rest and relaxation.  Everyone enjoys palm trees in the winter, yes?

Tampa is a wonderful city
Feed giraffes on a safari. Visit the Bok Tower Gardens or the stunning Florida Aquarium.  Explore Tampa’s new 2.4 mile River Walk by Segway, on bicycle or on foot.

The Saddlebrook resort is lovely
Our venue features a world class meeting facility with the utmost in professional amenities.  If you like to stay active you can enjoy golf, tennis, and swimming.  If you want to relax, enjoy the spa, the pool and the hot tub.  If your schedule allows, extend your Saddlebrook stay by arriving early and/or staying late.  I used my influence to negotiate low rates so come on down and take a “vacation with purpose.”

Take “the hero’s journey”
Author, Joseph Campbell wrote about how heroes need to step away from routines in order to see themselves differently.  The hero’s journey almost always involves a trip that allows commitment and focus.  Others see the hero in new ways after the journey, too.


Here’s what’s included with your registration

Okay, here’s what’s you get when you attend the Activate! Leading & Selling With Influence retreat in Tampa, January 25-27, 2018:

  • A 30-minute preview webinar with the group so I can learn about your goals ($100 value, invite a guest, if you’d like)
  • A welcome reception Thursday evening
  • Welcome gifts worth over $200, including my best-selling Present Like a Pro DVD ($39 retail)
  • 12 hours of compelling, practical content
  • Dozens of strategies and hundreds of tips for improving your presentation skill set
  • An interactive handout to keep your notes organized
  • Two full breakfasts and two delicious lunches
  • Lots of new connections and networking with fellow attendees
  • A 30-minute group webinar when you get home ($100 value; we’ll send you a registration link)


Here’s what clients say

Len Durso activate influence

“Michael was the sales coach for our 30-member sales team for four years.  He’s reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat.  We met at our company’s $1.5 Billion Dollar Party and quickly had $2 billion in assets under management with his help.  Michael’s a true team player who fosters positive discussions and brings out the best in people.  Thank you, Michael, for time well spent!”

-Leonard Durso, AIF, Vice President, National Sales, Flexible Plan Investments, Ltd.


Bridget Grewal influence“I attended training at Michael’s home and his tips helped me and my team obtain over $2.5 million in business within 90 days. Amazing!”

-Bridget Grewal, Packaging Consultant, Surgere Inc., Birmingham, MI

[Update from BC: “My ROI from Michael’s training now exceeds $4 million.” These results cannot be guaranteed.]


Michael Drapeau influence“Michael is the most charismatic and life-skilled person I’ve ever met.  His positive perspective on everything is intoxicating and he is a true asset to everybody who meets him.  I can’t say enough about this gentlemen!”

-Michael Drapeau, Senior Sales Director at Exterro


Our schedule in Tampa

activate influence dominoThursday
Travel to the retreat location early in the day so you can check in, do some sight-seeing and relax.

Our opening reception is Thursday evening at 5 pm.  Grab an early dinner at the resort or wherever you’d like.

Friday, Day 1
We’ll provide a full, hot breakfast for you, but be in our meeting room at 8 am so we can dive into the material right away.

Be ready to participate; that’s how you learn. We’ve arranged a delicious lunch for you.  Have dinner with other retreat guests if you’d like.


Saturday, Day 2
We’ll begin at 8 am and again, I’ll provide you with both breakfast and lunch.  On the second day, we’re done at 3 pm so you can have the rest of the afternoon and evening to enjoy yourself at the venue or on the town.

I’ll send you more information once you register.  Just click the orange “Add to Cart”  at the top of this page.


Register now for early-bird pricing

activate influence How much would you pay to be more persuasive for the rest of your life?

What if you could earn your next promotion months or even years sooner?

How much would you invest to have an even stronger self-concept?

Some say these kinds of opportunities are priceless.  These types of retreats are priced as high as $8,000 or $10,000.

Yet, you can attend this event for only $1,275.

Invest only $975, if you register before November 30 using coupon code: ACTIVATE!

Bring another person or your entire team for only $600 per person.

Just contact Rene at 248-972-8126 and tell her what you want to do.


This program is guaranteed to help you become more influential

activate influence This is a rewarding high-value event by any measure.

You’ll head home with dozens of ways to improve your communication and presentation skills.  Many of these changes will occur in real-time at the event.  One of these strategies for influence can more than cover your costs.

Results vary, but the content presented at this retreat is solid and will help you.

I promise this will be the best program on communication that you have ever attended.  If you disagree, simply pull me aside on the first break and I’ll refund your registration fee.

You have no risk.   As with all Edison House programs and products, you’ll get much more than you pay for.


See you in Tampa!

activate influence palm Get ready for the most energizing, inspiring event that you’ve ever attended.  Rene and I look forward to being with you!

Meanwhile, here’s a quick article about smiling that can make you more influential immediately.

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