Negotiating For Fun and Profit (FLA3-2) AUDIO CD


Strong negotiating earns better deals and win-win relationships. Learn now to master negotiation that works from author and speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso.

One hour audio program.

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(Last Updated On: September 30, 2017)

Negotiating is a key selling skill.

A good negotiation occurs when both parties agree to do business again.  Embarrassing or crushing your opponent will only damage to your reputation.

Veteran sales consultant, Michael Angelo Caruso, covers the major negotiation gambits in this program.

Get what you want more often at work and at home using these techniques.

You’ll learn to:

–  Use two techniques that motivate people every time
–  Confront knowing it’s the best thing that can happen to you

–  Get people to say “yes” without harming the relationship
–  Practice confidence in a way that few people do

–  Read people using neuro-linguistic programming
–  Learn from illustrative case studies of famous good/bad negotiations

–  Successfully negotiate by walking away
–  Not be your own worst enemy when negotiating

–  Leverage secrets to negotiating with family members
–  Never be “the bad guy” again

–  Negotiate your next raise
–  Use over a dozen classic negotiation strategies

–  Believe you always have more power than you think

And much more!

Negotiating is power; power is perceived

negotiating Michael Angelo CarusoWhen it comes to negotiating, remember that power is perceived.

In other words, you have to believe you have it, before you have it.

One of the best ways to test your negotiation power is your constant ability to exercise one of the most basic negotiation strategies.

Use what is often referred to as “The Walk Away Technique,” to evaluate how much power you have in any given situation.  Put another way, if you want a deal more than the other person, you will almost always lose in the negotiation.  Your ability to walk away from a deal is “evidential” proof of your negotiating power in that scenario.

Learn the secret to this head game and how to bring creativity and patience to your negotiations by listening to Michael’s great tips.

Read this article for more ideas ideas on how to get to “yes.”

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