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Life is pretty simple before we complicate it.  This 36-page booklet from Michael Angelo Caruso has 11 life lessons and companion vignettes that will inspire you to be an even better person.

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Is life easy or hard?

resultsLife is pretty simple.  Until we complicate it.  Tweet This

Michael Angelo Caruso’s Hmmm…Little Ideas With BIG Results booklet presents eleven simple life lessons that can will make you feel good about yourself and help give you clarity about what’s really important.

It’ll also help get you results.

Michael Angelo Caruso’s eleven “Hmmms” deal with fundamental life concepts such as paying attention, keeping a good self-concept and dealing with fear of the unknown.

This 36-page booklet presents eleven life lessons followed by a memorable short story that illustrates each idea.

The topics involve leadership, relationships, change, confrontation, self-esteem, and optimism.  The life lessons include:

  • Take care of people; they are your greatest resource
  • Always believe what people do over what they say
  • People don’t like to take orders, they like to take part
  • Tips for getting better results


Simple life lessons can be challenging

resultsThe opening premise is that people are your greatest resource.  The second Hmmm suggests that the best way to deal with those you don’t like is to find something about them that you do like.

The Hmmms will remind that you cannot change others, but that you can influence people by allowing them to participate in reward/consequence scenarios.

Confrontation is beneficial as explained by one of the Hmmms, but you must be willing to not know what is going to happen when you confront.

The secret to minimizing stress is explained by the Hmmm that states, “You Can’t Hurt Me.”  On the days that stress gets the better of you, another Hmmm reminds that the sun is out every day and that even the most intimidating clouds move on.

This booklet is a quick, fun read for everyone and a great gift for the people you spend the most time with.

This entertaining booklet will lift your spirits, improve your attitude, and help you encourage others to be their best. In these ways and others, the Hmmms will serve you the rest of your days.

Watch an inspirational video of Michael telling his now famous “above the clouds” story, as in the Hmmm booklet…


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resultsThe Hmmm… booklet is available at a lower unit price when you buy in bulk for your work team,customers or whomever.

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