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Increase revenue when using “Sales Training for People Who Mean Business,” a FastLearnerAudio program from author and speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso.

This product contains four one-hour audio programs with literally hundreds of tips to help you increase sales.

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(Last Updated On: November 21, 2017)

selling tips michael angelo carusoMost sales training teaches you how to come in the prospect’s front door, just like the traveling salesmen of old.

Since most people don’t care for salespeople, it’s far better for you to come in the prospect’s side door, metaphorically speaking.  This is where friends and family enter.

All salespeople need to be good in these four areas:  selling better, negotiation, networking, and closing.

Sales Training for People Who Mean Business contains four 60-minute audio program address these main areas and contain dozens and dozens of selling tips, including:

Disc 1 of 4 – Networking Like a Pro

–  5 cool ideas for working a room
–  The trick to remembering names

–  How to meet 50 people in 90 minutes at a cocktail reception
–  Why you should network “on purpose”

–  Learn to be “psychologically attractive”
–  The “Perfect Handshake”

–  Recommended body language for ladies
–  Recommended body language for men

–  The art of interrupting
–  How to excuse yourself from dead-end conversations

–  All networking is not created equal
–  Discover the best networking hardware and software

–  How Michael Angelo Caruso meets famous people

Disc 2 of 4 – Negotiating for Fun and Profit

–  Two techniques that motivate people every time
–  Why confrontation is the best thing that can happen to you

–  Get people to say “yes” harming the relationship
–  A simple technique for confidence that few people practice

–  How to read people better and faster
–  Illustrative case studies of famous (good/bad) negotiations

–  Why you can’t negotiate unless you’re willing to walk away
–  Three ways to not be your own worst enemy

–  Secrets to negotiating with family members
–  How to never be “the bad guy” again

–  How to negotiate your next raise
–  Over a dozen classic negotiation strategies

–  Why you always have more power than you believe

Disc 3 of 4 – Selling More, Better, Faster

–  5 Cool Ideas for qualifying the customer
–  Distinguish your company at trade shows

–  A secret for building trust that nobody makes time for
–  How to handle the “nibbler”

–  How to deal with “the flinch”
–  Creative ways to double your referrals

–  Networking secrets from the very best sources
–  How to read customers and prospects with NLP

–  3 great ways to deal with price objections
–  Why consultative sales people almost always sell more

–  How to increase your sales by 10% by asking one question
–  How to sell more on the Internet

–  4 new sales closes you must have in your repertoire
–  Why you shouldn’t read books on how to sell

Disc 4 of 4 – 22 Sales Closes That Work

–  Dozens of sample scenarios from many industries
–  Why a trial close can save you tons of time and anguish

–  Use “The Natural Close” to get the prospect to close himself
–  Why assuming a sale is not manipulative

–  The famous “Three Question Close”
–  A special close that works best with women

–  How to close the deal as you literally walk out the door
–  Why objections are the second best thing for you

–  The  close every salesperson needs, but never wants to use
–  How to use silence as a secret weapon

–  A resource guide to the best books and audio programs on selling
–  A clever non-close that creates even more demand

–  How “pre-selling” can make sales calls effortless
–  A powerful two-word close that rocks!

– And more!

Sales training should pay for itself very quickly

Michael Angelo Caruso, sales training
Michael Angelo Caruso closing a sale

Most salespeople fall away from the basics.

Every salesperson can benefit from having four strong core competencies:  negotiating, networking, general selling skills, and closing.

Even the best sellers can benefit from thinking about what they do in new ways and trying new methods.

Add this program to your learning library so that you can maximize sales this year and beyond.

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