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Building a business requires knowledge and ability in four main areas.

You must know the best way to start a company, be ready to speak on behalf of your enterprise, how to create and distribute information regarding your business, and how to position yourself as an industry expert.

Each of these 60-minute audio CDs is packed with great business advice!

You’ll get info on the following topics:


Disc 1 – How to Create & Sell Info Products

Michael Angelo Caruso learning libraryEveryone has a “how-to” book in them.  Your lifetime of experience and acquired skill sets should probably be required reading for the next generation, yes?

That book is easier to write than you think.  Once written, you can market your knowledge to people more than willing to pay for it.

I’ll show you the easiest way to write the book, sell it, and re-purpose the content.  Self-publishing an e-book costs next to nothing.

Use the profits to pay the bills, shore up your beleaguered 401K, buy a car or just have some fun.

Self-publishing e-books is an easy, very lucrative way to create passive income.  I can teach you to do this, even if you don’t like to write.

And get this–audio programs are even easier to create than books.

Expect to learn a ton about creating, selling and re-purposing information products.   You’ll also learn how to:

–  Become a self-published author in less than 90 days
–  Use information products to become more employable
–  Build a distribution list so you’ll always have customers
–  Write an e-book to make your print book an even bigger success
–  Leverage Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to grow your biz
–  Self-publish your information products and earn more profit
–  Write Web copy that sells
–  Repurpose content so you can get paid over and over
–  Create multiple information products, even if you write fiction or poetry
–  Convert your newfound “expert” status into even more opportunities
–  Use video to promote your work


Disc 2 – Now to Start a Business

michael angelo caruso expertThe American Dream may be for everyone to own his or her own business, but  the transition from serving the boss to being the boss is not always easy.

Starting a business is not for everyone.   The process starts with identifying what you’re good at and then quickly learning how to make money from it.

This CD contains very practical information that will save you a lot of time and money as you start your business, including how to:

–  Get started getting started

–  Conquer entrepreneurial fear
–  Avoid bankruptcy, the number one reason new businesses fail
–  Ask 9 key questions before starting a business
–  Know how and when to quit your present job
–  Brand your new enterprise
–  Choose a great business partner
–  Find a good company name
–  Learn whether to hire or not hire
–  Know what business you’ll succeed in
–  Find the best way to leave your current job
–  Decide if your biz should be a corporation, LLC or partnership
–  Discover What to do first
–  Make key things happen in the first 100 days of your new biz
–  Conceive a critical 5-year plan
–  Access the best websites and info sources
–  Decide who should be on your support team
–  Learn that your most important asset isn’t what you think
–  Gain a competitive edge almost instantly
–  Achieve more life balance
–  And much more!


Disc 3 – Become an Industry Expert

Michael Angelo Caruso industry expertYou are your own public relations firm, so it’s important that you fly your flag at the top of the pole.

Yet, the art and science of self-promotion is a delicate balance between confidence and arrogance.

Do it right and your career will blossom ahead of schedule.  Do it wrong and you will burn bridges that will never be rebuilt.

This program will pay for itself over and over again as you learn to:

–  Use “social proof” to make the case for your expertise

–  Model yourself on famous self-promoters from history
–  Take advantage of the hidden role of self-esteem
–  Learn the valuable art of self-branding
–  Make an indelible first impression with everyone you meet
–  Craft an attractive elevator speech
–  Self-promote without rancor
–  Use Facebook, Linked and Twitter to promote your brand
–  Self-promoting at work
–  Get networking tips that pay off in big
–  Become an author within 90 days or less
–  Be the person the media calls for a sound byte
–  Become a recognized speaker in your area of expertise
–  Get customers to ask for you by name
–  Grow your data base with qualified leads
–  Get customers to sell for you
–  Become much more influential in everything you do
–  And much more!


Disc 4 – How to Become a Speaker/Author

Emily Hay Michael Angelo Caruso industry expertIt  can be very helpful for someone to show you the way in life.

Budding speakers and authors will certainly benefit from Michael Angelo Caruso’s perspective as an established and successful speaker and author.

You’ll learn a lot about what it takes to be a speaker/author, including how to:

–  Make your past work for you
–  How Michael became a noted speaker and author
–  Why you should fail as fast as you can
–  The triple threat of speaking, writing and consulting
–  A day in the life of a professional speaker
–  Use the first hour of consciousness to set the tone for the day
–  Clever work habits to get you ahead
–  Tips for life on the road
–  Computer tricks that save time
–  Ways to use the telephone more effectively
–  5 cool ideas for becoming a speaker/author
–  And much more!


Fast track your career and have more fun!

Michael Angelo Caruso Growing my business Growing your business requires a full-compliment of promotional skills.

But you must also be a tireless and crafty promoter and always be thinking five steps ahead.  It also helps to establish yourself as an industry expert, which requires attention to personal branding.

Learn how to be the best business leader you can be with this terrific audio program!


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