Dear Michael Angelo–A Father’s Life Letters to His Son AUDIO CDS


Author and motivational speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso, reads “a father’s life letters to his son, ” a touching collection of letters from his father.  Two CDs, 96 minutes.

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Michael Angelo Caruso and Dad featured in Dear Michael Angelo audio CDs
Mickey and Michael, circa 1994

If you’ve attended a presentation by Michael Angelo Caruso or own one of his information products, you know that his father Mickey was quite a man.

Mickey Caruso wrote over fifty letters to his eldest son between 1993 and 1997.

The letters became a retroactive diary that chronicled the best of the old man’s life.

People everywhere relate to Mickey’s stories!

Michael reads these powerful, funny, and remarkably touching letters to you and your family.

The letters feature:

  • A reminder that babies are born with fantastic self-esteem
  • Mickey’s memories of growing up the youngest of 12 children
  • A musician’s perspective on life (Mickey was a terrific trumpet player)
  • How you can use letters to stay connected with your family
  • The power of the written word as a legacy (do this with your dad!)
  • Some really funny jokes

Mickey’s missives include dozens of wonderful vignettes that helped his son understand life.  It turns out that the lessons are also helpful to anyone who is exposed to them.


Letters from Mickey, message from Michael

Michael Angelo Caruso with his father Mickey, circa 1959“My dad wrote over fifty letters between 1993 and 1997,” Michael writes.

“The letters became a retroactive diary that chronicled the best of his life and taught me the value of keeping a written record of my memories and thoughts.

“In the summer of 1997, dad and I talked about publishing his letters, but in September of that year, our family changed again.

As the finale played on, the value of the written word became even more apparent and yet another lesson was handed down from my father.

“Dad and I missed our opportunity to work together to publish his letters, but my brothers and I know that he would want you to enjoy the world according to Mickey.

“Dad’s letters were a method passing the benefits of his life lessons to his family.  With each person who experiences these letters, Mickey’s family grows.”


You’ll relate if you have or had a dad

You’ll be inspired to create a similar legacy for your family by writing letters to your children, blogging or even recording your stories in audio or video format.

Whatever you decide, best of luck in your quest to create a positive legacy for your family!


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