Creating Success Habits (FLA1-1) AUDIO CD


One-hour audio CD to help you eliminate bad habits and develop successful routines. Tons of ideas to save money, manage time, be healthier or whatever you want to do!

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Aristotle said, “We are what we do.”

Indeed, habits can spawn success or delay it.

Eliminate bad habits and develop successful routines today with this content-packed program.  Save money, manage time, be healthier or whatever you want to do!

Michael teaches “habit replacement” to make positive changes in your life.  (See below for a valuable tip.)

You’ll get great ideas on how to:

–  Convert thinking into doing
–  Manage e-mail overload
–  Say “no” more often and mean it
–  Say “yes” more often and mean it
–  Be more successful in your business and personal life

–  Break old habits
–  Learn “self-coaching”
–  Become more aware of your life
–  Discover the powerful concept of “habit migration”
–  Be more healthy

–  Decrease stress
–  Have more money
–  Build your vocabulary
–  Lose weight
–  Remember names

–  Be happier
–  Find time to exercise more
–  Read up to 30 books a year
–  Quit smoking
–  Make time-wasters to get to the point

Habit replacement tip

michael angelo caruso exercise habit successOne of the easiest ways to shake a bad habit is to replace it with a more desirable one.

If you want to get more exercise, for example, resist the urge to park near a building’s entrance.

Instead, park another 100 yard away from the building.  Then quickly walk from your car to the building.

By changing the habit of parking in the same spot, you’ll get more exercise and your car will probably get “dinged” less often.

Another good habit might be to not watch TV or read the newspaper first thing in the morning.  Instead, use the extra time to plan your day and get organized.

The media endlessly repeats itself, so you probably won’t miss much news or whatever.  The extra reflection time will reduce your stress and help you feel better about your day.


Change your habits, change your life

Michael Angelo Caruso success coach
Success Coach, Michael Angelo Caruso

Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

And of course, in most cases, upon examination, you can improve your life by becoming happier, making more money, having more discretionary time, and reducing stress.

If you’re interested in self-improvement, get more value by ordering the complete Fast Learner Audio 1 series, which includes Creating Success Habits and three other vital topics for personal improvement: coping with difficult people, dealing with stress, and managing time.

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