Become a Recognized Industry Expert (FLA4-3) AUDIO CD


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You are your own advertising company.

Yet, the art and science of self-promotion is a delicate balance between confidence and arrogance.

Learn how to educate others about your talents without making enemies.

Everyone wants to do business with an industry expert.  The media wants to interview experts.  Experts make more money, too!

You’ll learn to:

–  Use “social proof” to make the case for your expertise

–  Learn from famous self-promoters of history

–  Leverage the hidden role of self-esteem

–  Master the art of self-branding

–  Make an indelible first impression

–  Craft an attractive elevator speech

–  Self-promote without offending

–  Use 5 Cool Ideas for self-promotion

–  Self-publish your first book

–  Network with class and power

–  Become a recognized expert in your field

–  Start speaking to large groups

–  Become the media’s “go-to” person for interviews

–  Make yourself more employable

–  Earn your next raise more quickly and easily

–  How to read more books per year

–  Use speaking tricks from a pro

–  Create audio and video programs with ease

–  Much more!

Everyone wants to work with an industry expert

Michael Angelo Caruso info products industry expert motivational speaker motivationThere are two relatively easy ways to fast-track your success.

First, become a published author in your area of expertise.  Start by creating a quick report or Top Ten Tip article.

Second, using your written content, become a recognized speaker.  Convert what you’ve written into talking points that can be used in a speech or presentation.

Use the speaking to promote what you publish. Arrange for your published content to promote your speaking. This program explains how to do both.

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