5 Cool Ideas BOOK [2nd edition]


Ideas for working, living, feeling  from motivational speaker and author, Michael Angelo Caruso.  5 cool ideas on over 60 topics.

Topics include better speaking and listening, saving money, increasing motivation, staying healthy, better writing, reducing stress, better sleep, remembering names, losing headaches, and dealing with difficult people.


This is the original 5 Cool Ideas book, now in its fourth printing and 2nd edition.

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The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your decisions.  So here’s a great chance to start making better choices at work and at home.

Easy to read and even easier to implement, these tips will be great for you and the people around you.

Get a copy for each member of your team.

Remember, you can’t be more successful unless the people around you are more successful.

5 Cool Ideas has tips on over 60 topics, including how to:


Ideas for working

– Give fantastic presentations
– Avoid information overload
– Find a great mentor
– Provide remarkable customer service
– Interview prospective employees

– Be the most professional person on your team
– Improve sales
– Sharpen your writing
– Enjoy effective outgoing voicemail messages
– Get your e-mail answered

– Use an e-mail signature file that gets things done
– Work smarter, not harder
– Fire someone, if you have to
– Deal with entitlement-based employees
– Work a room and network like a pro

– Promote events such as training sessions 
– Become a better speaker
– Create motivational job descriptions
– Deliver motivational performance reviews
– Use motivational performance evaluation forms


Ideas for living

– Be more (psychologically) attractive
– Enjoy safe travel
– Improve your public speaking
– Become an even better listening
– Improve your body language if you’re a woman

– Improve your body language if you’re a man
– Build better relationships
– Remember names
– Be a better joke teller
– Receive customer satisfaction almost every time

– Be in control almost every day
– Deal with difficult people
– Diffuse an angry person
– Solve problems faster and better
– Deal with procrastination

– Manage time rather than have time manage you
– Save more money
– Be more persuasive
– Impress people with your excellent table etiquette
– Improve your sense of style, if you’re a ma

– Create fantastic memories
– Build an enduring and remarkable legacy
– Have a long and rewarding life
– Make your New Year’s resolution stick
– Motivate yourself every single day

– Cope with negative people
– Become an expert bargain hunter
– Sound more intelligent
– Sharpen your elevator speech


Ideas for feeling better

– Be happier
– Be healthier
– Travel healthy and worry free
– Get better sleep
– Reduce stress to almost zero

– Achieve perpetual vitality
– Maintain your body weight forever
– Lose a headache quickly without medication
– Do more with less
– Learn from the apple

– Start seeing dividends from your signature story
– Learn to exercise at least a little every day 
– Create a rewarding “power hour”
– Offer reward/consequence proposals that pay off for everyone


Book excerpt:

5 Cool Ideas on How to Be More Attractive

If being physically attractive means to be good looking on the outside, being psychologically attractive is to be good looking on the inside. Being psychologically attractive is a talent that is helpful in almost any line of work and certainly useful in personal life.

Here are 5 Cool Ideas on how to be more attractive.

  1. It is good to be “attractive” on the inside.

In America, we tend to think of attractiveness as being young, sexy and pretty. By that definition, when we are no longer young, we are no longer attractive. Let’s think of it another way. The root word of attractive is “attract” and we are trying to attract our greatest resource “ other people.

  1. Your unique qualities are attractive.

In his fantastic book, The Four Agreements, Miguel Ruiz writes that we often compare ourselves to an image of perfection in order to be accepted. When we discover we are not perfect (which for me happens every day), we reject ourselves and send signals to others that we are not good enough. The art of being attractive helps you focus on what you have to offer. When you display your unique and special characteristics to others, they will not only accept you, they will be attracted to you.

  1. Show and tell people how you are special.

Develop an “elevator speech” that can be delivered to people that you meet. This short speech will allow others to get excited about you and help them anticipate interaction with you. Deliver your message in exciting, provocative sound bites. For instance, instead of saying “I’m a teacher,” smile and say, “I mentor heroes.” Instead of saying “I work in a child care center,” jut out your chest and say, “I create memories.” Avoid clichés. Focus on leaving distinct, positive impressions.

  1. Everyone is an expert at something.

Position yourself as an expert. Write a 500-word essay. Submit it to your corporate newsletter office. Send it to your favorite trade publication and your local newspaper. Create a twenty-minute presentation and arrange to deliver it to local Rotary and Optimist clubs at lunchtime. You will be sowing seeds from which great things will grow.

  1. Find others to be attractive.

By acknowledging the attractiveness of others, you will undoubtedly become very attractive yourself.

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