22 Sales Closes That Work (FLA3-4) AUDIO CD


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Think of sales closes like tools. There are many types of tools.

Heck, there are many types of screwdrivers.  A Phillips head won’t work very well when a flat head is required.  Use the right tool for the right job.

That’s why every salesperson should have 22 sales closes.  Watch this fun video about how to close using a sales strategy involving personality analysis.


So, not all customers like to be closed in the same way.

Learn how to:

–  Adapt sample scenarios from other industries

–  Use effective trial closes to save you tons of time and anguish

–  Use “The Natural Close” to get the prospect to close himself

–  Assume the sale without being manipulative

–  Employ the famous “Three Question Close”

–  Adopt a special close that works best with women

–  Close the deal as you literally walk out the door

–  Love objections, the second best thing that can happen for sellers

–  Use the close every salesperson needs, but never wants to use

–  Employ silence as a secret weapon

–  Find the best books and audio programs on selling

–  A clever non-close that makes the prospect want your product even more

–  “Pre-sell” your customers and make sales calls effortless

–  Benefit from a powerful two-word close that rocks

Learn sales closes that work

Michael Angelo Caruso closing sales
Michael Angelo Caruso

Good salespeople, like good mechanics, should have a lot of tools at his or her disposal.  Use the right tool for the job.

The “ABC Close” will work like a charm with some people, but irritate others.  The “Sharp Angle Close” can make a deal happen in two seconds or make the prospect run in the opposite direction.

Your first step is to learn the 22 closes and then discover which ones work in specific scenarios.  Michael will help you.

Listening to this audio program will help you close more deals and make your numbers.

Learn from the best and become a better salesperson today!

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